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Donation Online

You can be a part of this "Bittiya Movement" by sponsoring any or more of the following :

  • Classrooms
  • Teaching Aid
  • Books / Notebooks ......

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  About Us :

Today the world is changing faster than ever before.

Walls are falling. Boundaries are disappering. Iron curtains are rising. Information technology is cutting down any competition barriers that remain.

And in the race against time the world is shrinking into a single competitive stage where information technology not only makes countries but also generations compete with each other. some lead while others are being led.

And in this race rural India is left behind, far behind, especially its daughters. Keeping them uneducated, unknowing, untrained. And therefore unconfident.

The 'father' of our nation had once said, "A child becomes what he or she is exposed to" And unfortunately our rural daughters are not exposed to even a decent education, leave alone the confidence to face this rapidly changing world.

That's where 'BITTIYA' steps in. To encourage the daughters of rural India as only 'BITTIYA' can with love, affection and care.

At 'BITTIYA' a daughter, doesn't matter what age or which community she belongs to, will be educatedand groomed instilling in her skills towards self reliancy. All to make our daughters fall in step with the rapidly changing moves of the modern day world.

So bring your daughter to 'BITTIYA'. Give her confidence. Give her a future.

The trust has already established

  • A Primary School (Exclusively for the Girl - Child)
  • A Technical Institute (The Bittiya Institute) :
    For Women and Girls to train them in the field of
    •Tailoring •Fashion •Cloth Printing •Embroidery •Mehndi •Screen Printing •Beautician •Computer Science

    Location :
    In the most backward District of the state of Uttar Pradesh, at Village Rahwai, Tehsil Kunda, Dist. Pratapgarh

    In Operation since : Last 8 years

    Others :
    •Tailoring Institute under the Recognition of Usha Tailoring Institute in operation
    •A Library with over 2000 books established
    •Arrangements for Other courses being made.
    •Reading room initiated.
    •Information Center being commissioned
    •Center for Food Processing Training Programmes being established.