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You can be a part of this "Bittiya Movement" by sponsoring any or more of the following :

  • Classrooms
  • Teaching Aid
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Introduction Vision & Mission Goverment Role
  Vision & Mission :

"To Empower the Daughters of rural indian by making them financially independent"

  • Promote communal harmony in Rural Bharat trough Education and Traning Centres.
  • Up liftment of the daughters of rural india.
  • To Empower the Daughters of Rural bharat by making them financially independent
  • By providing
  • The ability to read and write
  • The means to imbibe skills
  • Hygiene understanding

And by doing so making them an integral part of the fast developing new India

Activities proposed to initiate the movement


  • Tailoring - Learning its art & application and evolving professional competency.
  • Embroidery - Learning its art & application and evolving professional competency.
  • Drawing & Painting - Learning the art with an essential focus on utility factor eg.fabric painting.
  • Nurse - Learning the ability to care & nurse the injured, the sick and the convalescing.
  • Cooking - Learning the art of cooking cuisines of the different regions of India and evolving professional competency.
  • Craft - Learning the various crafts involved in the art around the home viz. Paper Craft, Basket Weaving, Wool Weaving, Carpet weaving, Handloom, Paper macche, etc. Also evolving professional competency in it.
  • Textile Printing - Learning the art of Batik & Block printing on cloth (Sarees, Dupattas, Suits) and evolving professional competency in it.
  • Ceramics - The potter's wheel and clay, learning the art to create wonders and evolving professional competency in it.
  • Mehndi - Learning the application & designing of it to the level of professional competency.
  • Computers - Introduction to computers and basic learnings on Hardware & Software evolving the ability to operate and use computers effectively.

All the best of the students work acheived by the above applications will be displayed annually in the 'BITTIYA INSTITUTE MELA' to be held every year in the campus.


  • Evolving a thinking mind through various above activities
  • Helping imbibe etiquettes & manners
  • Inculcating the sense of hygiene / sanitation (a much needed civic sense missing in villages) and therefore instilling a sense of cleanliness in our daughters assuring cleaner, hygiene aware, disease-free village tomorrow.
  • Impating understanding and true knowledge of religion.